Poker Lotto: Nightly Drawing

Michigan Lottery Poker LottoTwo great games in every hand!  This edition of our Poker Lotto series will highlight the nightly drawing.

When you purchase a Poker Lotto ticket, you receive five random cards.  If those cards form a winning hand, you win instantly.  Win or lose – those cards are also eligible for the next Poker Lotto nightly drawing.  Every night at 7:29 p.m., five winning cards are randomly drawn.  If two or more of your cards match any of those cards, you win.  Match all five cards and win the grand prize of $100,000!  Prize amounts and odds for the nightly drawing are as follows:

Poker Lotto Nightly Draw Prize TableThere are two important things to remember about the nightly drawing.  First, you must have the exact same card to have a match.  For example, even though they are both sixes, a Six of Hearts does not match a Six of Diamonds.  So if one of the cards drawn during the nightly drawing is a Six of Hearts, you must also have a Six of Hearts to have a matching card.

The second thing to remember is that the nightly drawing is an entirely separate game from the instant-win game played when you purchase a ticket.  Winning the instant-win game is based on whether you receive a winning hand.  The nightly drawing is exclusively a matching game. Cards from the nightly drawing are not used to form a winning hand.  The only way to win the nightly drawing is if two or more of your cards match the cards drawn.

We hope our recent series of announcements is helpful for both players and retailers. Poker Lotto is a fun two fold game that gives players up to 13 ways to win on every ticket.  See your local Michigan Lottery retailer and let us deal you in today!

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