Bippity Boppity Boo! All sales end when the clock strikes 12!

MSL's Halloween Millions RaffleDon’t be caught without your “Halloween Millions Raffle” ticket! Time is ticking as all sales for this multi-state raffle game will end precisely at midnight tonight!

Tickets for the “Halloween Millions Raffle” are just $10 and are being sold in seven states: Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Oklahoma.

At least three top prizes of $1 million will be awarded from the drawing and if certain sales thresholds are met, there will be even more $1 million prize winners! Any participating state that does not have a million-dollar prize winner will be awarded a consolation top prize of $50,000 in a separate drawing to a lucky raffle ticket holder who purchased their ticket(s) in that state.

Tickets in the multi-state “Halloween Millions Raffle” are being sold at Lottery terminals in all Michigan Lottery retailers. Raffle ticket holders must keep their original ticket(s) to claim a prize if their eight-digit raffle number matches one of the winning eight-digit raffle numbers from the November 1 drawings.

Stay connected to follow all of the activity and updates about the “Halloween Millions Raffle” including the drawing results that will be posted on November 1, or via the Lottery’s social media sites: blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages. You can also validate your raffle ticket(s) at any Michigan Lottery retailer after the drawings are conducted.

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