Poker Lotto: Instant Winning!

Michigan Lottery Poker LottoWelcome to the second edition of our Poker Lotto series of announcements!  In this edition we will discuss the instant-win component of Poker Lotto.

Winning instantly on Poker Lotto means just that!  If you win, the video screen connected to your retailer’s terminal will flash a winner message.  There will also be an audible cue indicating that you have won – and a message prints on the ticket stating whether it is an instant winner.

While no poker skills or knowledge is required, a basic understanding of a winning set of cards (commonly called a hand) can make the game more fun.  The following prize table outlines the possible winning hands, examples of those hands, the corresponding Poker Lotto prize, and odds:

Poker Lotto Instant Win Prize TablePoker Lotto fever is spreading across Michigan.  Stay tuned to for our next edition tomorrow and Good Luck!

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