Pregnant Kalamazoo County Woman Wins $100,000 Playing Michigan Lottery’s Super Cash Buster Game Online

A Kalamazoo County woman felt a “crazy adrenaline rush” when she won $100,000 playing the Michigan Lottery’s Super Cash Buster game online.

“I wasn’t feeling well, so I was spending the afternoon at home and decided to play the Lottery on my phone,” said the player, who chose to remain anonymous. “When I saw I had won $100,000, I stared at my phone’s screen really hard and felt my heart pounding out of my chest.

“After winning, I started feeling much better!”

The lucky 33-year-old player visited Lottery headquarters Thursday to claim her big prize. With her winnings, she plans to pay some bills, spend some on a trip to Las Vegas she and her husband already had planned, and then set some money aside for her upcoming maternity leave.

“It’s incredibly exciting and so unbelievable to win the Lottery. This $100,000 is going to make life easier for a while,” the player said.

Michigan Lottery players have a chance to win up to $500,000 instantly playing online. Players also may win prizes ranging from $1 up to multimillion dollar jackpots playing Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto 47, and Fantasy 5 online. Through its online platform, the Lottery offers players more than 40 different games with plays ranging in price from 5 cents to $20.

More than 644,000 players have registered to play the Lottery’s online games, which were launched in 2014. For more information or to play online, visit

In 2016, Lottery players won nearly $337 million playing games online.

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Bay and Jackson County Players Split $514,536 Fantasy 5 Jackpot from the Michigan Lottery

Two lucky Michigan Lottery players – one from Bay County and one from Jackson County – wasted no time claiming their share of a $514,536 Fantasy 5 jackpot.

The lucky players, who chose to remain anonymous, matched the numbers drawn Saturday night to win their big prizes: 01-06-13-25-32. The Bay County player bought his winning ticket at Ken’s Village Market, located at 6433 Barbara Avenue in Indian River. The Jackson county player bought his winning ticket at Amanati’s Take Out, located at 262 North Cooper in Jackson.

Both players visited Lottery headquarters Monday morning to claim their prizes. Each player received half of the jackpot: $257,268.

Each Fantasy 5 play is only $1. For an additional $1 per play, EZmatch may be added to a Fantasy 5 ticket, giving players a chance to win up to $500 instantly. Fantasy 5 players select five numbers from one to 39. Players who match all five Fantasy 5 numbers drawn win a jackpot that starts at $100,000. Fantasy 5 drawings are held seven days a week at 7:29 p.m. Tonight’s Fantasy 5 jackpot is $105,000.

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Daily 4 Winning Numbers of 0-0-0-0 Mean More Than $5 Million in Prizes to Lucky Michigan Lottery Players

Michigan Lottery Daily 4More than 1,000 lucky Michigan Lottery players turned zero into $5 million in prize money when Sunday night’s winning Daily 4 numbers were 0-0-0-0.

A total of 1,079 players won $5,000 apiece for matching the winning Daily 4 numbers – 0-0-0-0 – straight in Sunday evening’s drawing. It was the first time 0-0-0-0 has been drawn in the Daily 4 game, which began on Oct. 5, 1981.

The number of winners and prizes for the drawing dwarfed typical Daily 4 numbers. Over the last year, the average number of winners for a Daily 4 drawing is about 700. The total average prize amount for a Daily 4 drawing is about $267,500.

There are five ways to play the Daily 4: straight, boxed, two-way, 1-Off, and wheeled. Prize amounts vary based on the way a number is played, and on the order in which the winning numbers are drawn. Players may select a four-digit number, or choose an easy pick ticket. There are two Daily 4 drawings a day, seven days a week, at 12:59 p.m. and 7:29 p.m. Each play is $1.

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Dearborn Man Wins $1 Million Playing Mega Millions

Winning a $1 million prize playing Mega Millions turned a Michigan Lottery skeptic into a believer.

Hani Haidar-Ahmad, 55, matched the five white balls drawn – 16-39-47-53-71 – in the July 4 Mega Millions drawing to win a $1 million prize. He bought the winning ticket at the Exxon gas station, located at 24938 Ford Road in Dearborn Heights.

“I’d been playing these same numbers for two years and had never won,” said Haidar-Ahmad. “I was starting to think that the Lottery wasn’t real, but I’m happy to say now I’m the Lottery’s biggest fan!

“I went to the Exxon station to buy my tickets like I always do, and the clerk told me someone had bought a $1 million winner there. I remember telling him: ‘Well I’m sure it wasn’t me.’ Then I asked him for a printout of the winning numbers so I could check my ticket when I got home. When I checked the ticket, I screamed. It was unbelievable.”

Winning that much money was an overwhelming feeling for Haidar-Ahmad. He took several weeks to put together a plan for his winnings before claiming his prize Wednesday. With his winnings, he plans to invest in a new business, and then save the remainder.

“Money isn’t everything, having your health is very important, but winning this kind of money is definitely life changing,” Haidar-Ahmad said.

Mega Millions drawings take place each Tuesday and Friday evening. Each Mega Millions play is only $1. For an additional $1 per play, players have the opportunity to add a “Megaplier” that can multiply non-jackpot prizes by up to five times. Mega Millions tickets are sold in 44 states, Washington D.C., and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Tickets for Mega Millions drawings may be purchased at the Lottery’s 11,000 retailers around the state until 10:45 p.m. the day of the drawing.

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Sweet 16 Lottery Club Wins $1 Million Powerball Prize

A group of friends from Livingston County is celebrating after their Sweet 16 lottery club won a $1 million Powerball prize.

The 16-member lottery club won the $1 million prize after matching the five white balls drawn Aug. 23: 06-07-16-23-26. They bought their winning ticket at O’Connor’s Deli, located at 650 South Grad Street in Fowlerville.

“We’ve been a lottery club for about three years and each of us chips in $5 each week to play,” said the club’s representative. “I buy the tickets and then send everyone photos so they know what numbers we have.”

“In fact, I didn’t even know we won until I got a text from one of our members saying we’d matched five numbers. I was driving and had the ticket in my purse, so as soon as I got to my destination I pulled it out and looked for myself. As soon as I saw it for myself, I texted my husband and told him to call me. I waited about 30 seconds, and then I called him because I couldn’t wait any longer. After we talked, I started calling club members.”

The largest prize the club had previously won was $500 playing Mega Millions. Any prize of $1,000 or less is re-invested to buy Lottery tickets.

“It’s always been something fun for us to do together,” said the club’s representative. “We have a cap on the number of members we will allow and that is 16. We’ve never had a waiting list to join before, but we might now!”

Members of the Sweet 16 lottery club visited Lottery headquarters Tuesday to claim their prize. Each member received $62,500, before income tax withholdings. Most members plan to use their portion of the big prize to pay bills.

Powerball plays may be purchased for $2 each at Lottery retailers across the state and online at A “Power Play” option that multiplies non-jackpot prizes by up to 10 times to a maximum of $2 million may be added to any Powerball play for only $1.

The Powerball drawing takes place at 10:59 p.m. on Wednesday and Saturday and may be watched live online at: Powerball tickets are sold in 44 states, Washington D.C., U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

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