Daily 4 players have new way to win!

Daily 4 Straight Back BonusDaily 4 players, this one’s for you!

Beginning tomorrow, Daily 4 players wagering a straight bet have a second shot at winning a prize. If the numbers they wagered are drawn in the exact reverse order, they win $1,000!

The Straight Back Bonus, as the promotion is known, will run until August 31. It will apply to both Midday and Evening Daily 4 straight wagers only. It will not apply to 2-way and boxed bets, and wheel bet winner still be paid the straight prize only and not eligible for the prize in reverse.

The bonus prize can be paid at any Lottery regional claim center.

The Lottery will also be giving away $30,000 in Daily 4 Free Play coupons during the month of August!  Players can enter once a day by either visiting the Lottery’s Facebook page or the Lottery’s mobile app. After registering, players will play a quick interactive game which will reveal if they are an instant winner of a Daily 4 Free Play coupon! Players can print the original coupon that will display on the screen, or the emailed version they will receive, in order to claim their prize. Or, they can take their phone to a retailer, who will be able to enter the numeric bar code to generate the ticket.

The Daily 4 is consistently one of the Michigan Lottery’s most popular games, representing 14.8 percent in sales in FY 2012. Players won over $157 million in Daily 4 prizes that year.

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