Intuition leads to Bingo win

4.12.13 TriplingRedBingo $300K Jack Clover Muskegon

Jack Clover of Muskegon claiming $300,000 from Tripling Red Bingo Instant game on 4/9/2013. (Photo Courtesy of the Michigan Lottery.)

A hunch paid off for Michigan Lottery player Jack Clover.Michigan Lottery's $5 Tripling Red Bingo (IG# 604)

Clover, of Muskegon, said his intuition told him he should buy a couple of Michigan Lottery $5 Bingo instant tickets. He selected the Tripling Red Bingo tickets at Town & Country Store in Muskegon and is $300,000 richer as a result of one of those tickets.

The lucky 67-year-old, who is married and has two sons, admits to only playing the Lottery once in a while. He plans to turn the money into a nest egg for himself and his wife of 44 years and along the way, maybe remodel the house.

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