Do you have your raffle ticket yet?

MSL's $40,000 Tax-Free RaffleTax Day 2013, will make 17 Michigan Lottery raffle players $40,000 richer! The time to purchase a ticket to be a part of the $40,000 Tax Free Raffle is ticking away, do you have yours yet?

Raffle ticket sales will close when 510,000 tickets are sold. To follow raffle sales, be sure to view our Web site at this page is updated hourly!

The April 15th drawing will select the following prizes:

            • 17                    $40,000 Grand prizes
            • 850                  $100 prizes
            • 31,450             $50 prizes
            • 52,700             $15 prizes

Tickets for the $40,000 Tax Free Raffle are $10 each and can be purchased at any of the over 10,000 Michigan Lottery retailers across the state

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