“Time for a little fun” says Hemlock winner!

IMG_0008An anonymous player from Hemlock took home $86,831 after he won half of the Fantasy 5 jackpot from the March 16 drawing!

The player found out his ticket might be a winner when his wife came home from getting a newspaper (and checking tickets) and said that the ticket would not scan. He then checked the Michigan Lottery’s web site (www.michiganlottery.com) and found that one of the winning tickets had come from the store where he had bought his ticket. A case of nerves caused him to wait a bit before actually checking his ticket against the numbers posted online. When the lucky player discovered that his ticket matched the five Fantasy 5 numbers online, he was elated!

The winner plans to pay off some debts, update the kitchen, and have some fun! “You only live ‘till you die, might as well have some fun,” he said.

The player bought his ticket at First Turn Conv’ce Store located at 2935 S. Graham Road in Saginaw. The second winning ticket was also claimed by an anonymous winner. It was purchased at Palace Liquor located in Dearborn at 4200 Schaefer Road.

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