New Millionaire Raffle Game Gives Michigan Lottery Players a Chance at Becoming a Millionaire

Millionaire Raffle graphicMichigan Lottery players have a shot at becoming a millionaire with the Michigan Lottery’s new online Millionaire Raffle game.

Millionaire Raffle is an auto-renewing raffle game which launched May 1. Players may purchase their raffle tickets online at

Millionaire Raffle offers 100,000 tickets available for purchase. Once all 100,000 tickets are sold, the drawing will be conducted. Each drawing will award one $1 million top prize and 100 $1,000 prizes. After the drawing takes place, tickets for the next drawing will become available for purchase.

Players may check their tickets by viewing the winning raffle numbers which will be posted online at within 24 hours of the drawing. Players may also check their tickets by logging into their online Michigan Lottery account.

Millionaire Raffle is the Michigan Lottery’s biggest online raffle game to date.

For more information regarding the Millionaire Raffle game, please visit    

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