Super Raffle Gives Michigan Lottery Players Chance to Win Millions; One Week Remains to Buy Tickets

Michigan Lottery players have one week left to get their chance to win the largest raffle prize ever with the Super Raffle game!

Super Raffle features the richest payout of any raffle game offered by the Lottery. It offers a top prize of $4 million and two $2 million prizes. Other prizes are: $100,000 (10), $500 (3,300), and $100 (12,000).

Super Raffle ticket may be purchased for $50 each. Each Easy Pick play will feature a unique six-digit raffle number. Nearly 200,000 of the available 300,000 tickets for Super Raffle have been sold.  The Super Raffle drawing will take place on Sept. 19.

Super Raffle is the 26th different raffle themed game offered by the Lottery. Prizes on previous raffle games ranged from $40,000 tax free to nearly $2.5 million.

Super Raffle tickets may be purchased at the Lottery’s 11,000 retailers across the state.

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