$100,000,000 Diamonds Instant Game Offers Michigan Lottery Players $4 Million Top Prizes

$30 ticket IG#699 MI 100M DiamondsDiamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend. With the new $100,000,000 Diamonds instant game from the Michigan Lottery, diamonds can be everyone’s best friend.

The newest $30 instant game from the Lottery, $100,000,000 Diamonds, gives players the chance to win instantly one of two $4 million top prizes. The game also features more than 150 prizes of $4,000, and $2.8 million in prizes ranging from $30 to $500. Tickets for the $100,000,000 Diamonds game go on sale Tuesday.

$100,000,000 Diamonds is the second $30 instant game offered by the Lottery. The Lottery’s first $30 instant game, $2,000,000 CA$H, was introduced in February and was an instant hit. With one $2 million top prize and 34 $10,000 prizes remaining, the game continues to be a favorite with players.

Both $100,000,000 Diamonds and $2,000,000 CA$H may be purchased at Lottery retailers around the state.

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