New Baltimore retailer sells ticket for “The Jack’s” fourth largest jackpot!

Michigan Lottery Club Keno The JackThe New Green Street Tavern, located at 37700 Green St. in New Baltimore, started 2014 off with a bang by selling the ticket that prized one player with the fourth largest jackpot for Club Keno’s add-on game “The Jack.”  Here are the impressive top five “The Jack” jackpots:

Prize                           Drawing Date             Michigan Lottery Retailer

  1. $356,901          July 29, 2012               Sheehan’s on the Green in Plymouth
  2. $270,690          Nov. 30, 2011              Baker’s Market in Davison
  3. $267,234          Nov. 6, 2013                Cedar Tavern in Cedar
  4. $259,616         Jan. 15, 2014             The Green Street Tavern in New Baltimore
  5. $248,308          Nov. 3, 2012                McGonigle’s Irish Pub in Kalamazoo

The $259,616 winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, placed a $1 wager for nine 6-spot draws, plus “The Jack” for an additional dollar per wager for the Jan. 15 drawings. “The Jack” began the climb to $259,616 after it was won on Dec. 31 at 3:16 pm for $10,925 at The Uptown Bar in Crystal.

Club Keno’s “The Jack”, was revised in October 2011. It is a progressive jackpot that starts at $10,000 and increases after each draw until it is won. The more money players wager on the game, the faster the jackpot grows. The jackpot will continue to grow until someone matches all eight numbers and wins, at which point, the jackpot reverts back to $10,000.

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