“Sticking It To The Man” Claims $250,000 Prize!

11.1.13 MM $250K Sticking It To The Man South Lyon

Eight members of the “Sticking it to the Man” lottery club claiming their $250,000 prize from the October 1, 2013 Mega Millions drawing. From left to right: Brett Rogers, John Iwinski, Jerry Doute, Bob Barlow, Lou Collura, Richard Smith, Rod Lilly and Gary Farr. (Photo courtesy of the Michigan Lottery.)

A group of eleven General Motors employees who work together at GM’s Toledo Transmission Plant formed a Lottery Club that goes by the name “Sticking it to the Man.”  Several members of the club came to Lottery’s Headquarters in Lansing on Friday, the first of November to claim their $250,000 prize from the Mega Millions drawing that took place October 1, 2013.

When asked by Lottery staff what members of the club plan to do with their share of the prize, responses included:

      • Help pay for my daughter’s wedding (she’s a singer in a country band);
      • Restore a 1973 Corvette;
      • Pay off some bills; and
      • Celebrate our wedding anniversary in style.Mega Millions

The $250,000 winning Mega Millions ticket was sold by Edith’s Market at 6029 Pontiac Trail in South Lyon, Michigan.

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