Lottery loyalty debit card now available for purchases, prize redemptions

Michigan Lottery's WonCardMichigan Lottery players will soon be able to manage their Lottery play with the WonCard™ Discover® debit card, a Lottery loyalty and debit card.

Beginning July 30, the WonCard will provide a cashless option for buying Lottery tickets and other merchandise, as well as for redeeming Lottery prizes. Cards will be available at Michigan Lottery retailers or through a special Lottery Web site,

Not only will players be able to purchase Lottery tickets with the WonCard, but they will also be able to receive their winnings on it. Once a player registers his or her WonCard at, any prizes up to and including $600 will automatically be loaded onto the card following the drawing. Players will be able to load funds onto, or “top up”, their cards directly at Lottery retailer locations or from their home computer or mobile device.

The WonCard will also offer other features for players to enjoy. When they choose to link their registered WonCard with their Player’s Club account on the Lottery’s loyalty site,, players will automatically earn reward points for eligible Lottery purchases. They will also be able to save their favorite numbers to their registered WonCard, eliminating the need for playslips.

Besides providing easy Lottery play, as a debit card, the WonCard can be used for shopping in stores, online, by mail and by phone, everywhere Discover® is accepted. Retailers will easily be able to conduct business with the WonCard because there is no transaction fee for Lottery purchases.

Players can also get cash nationwide at ATMs and fee-free cash at many grocery and convenience store checkouts.

Information on the card, including difference between both registered and unregistered cards, can be found on the site.

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