Slots + Bingo = Slingo®!

Michigan Lottery Instant Game # 653 SlingoSlingo® is all the rage with Michigan Lottery players!

The newest $3 Instant game, introduced earlier this month, offers over $10,000,000 in total cash prizes and top prizes of $100,000!

Slingo® also provides a unique game play experience that is sure to be a hit. Similar to Bingo, players match their Slingo Numbers to the Slingo Grid in order to uncover an entire line. Plus, by incorporating a feature that casino slot machine players are accustomed to, multiple lines can be revealed on a single Grid. In fact, up to 10 lines can be revealed. A blackout – all numbers revealed on a grid – wins $100,000!

Slingo® is a popular game, both in casinos and with Lottery players. In a recent survey of Instant ticket buyers, 84 percent of players familiar with Slingo® have played the game either online or on a casino slot machine. 

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