Five May F5 jackpots pay out over $895k!

Fantasy 5The Fantasy 5 jackpot has been won five times to date in May, yielding over $895,000 in cash prizes to winners. What a great month for Fantasy 5 players!

Here is a recap of May jackpot winners:

  • May 2 drawing made its winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, $269,942 richer. This ticket was sold by Sunkiss Market, 13535 Puritan St. in Detroit.
  • Speedway #2272, located at 15175 E. 13 Mile Rd. in Warren sold this winning ticket for the May 7 drawing, with a jackpot of $167,200. This prize was claimed at Lottery Headquarters on May 10 by an anonymous winner.
  • Rolling over six times, with a jackpot of $250,481 for the May 15 drawing, a single ticket won this jackpot. That ticket, which was claimed by an anonymous player, was purchased at South Valley Liquor Shop, 1336 SB Gratiot in Mount Clemens.
  • On May 23, a winner who wishes to keep their identity concealed, claimed the jackpot from the May 18 drawing. The prize of $110,000 was presented to this lucky Lottery player, who purchased their ticket at Kroger #683, 15251 23 Mile Rd. in Macomb.

Check your Fantasy 5 tickets, because one jackpot prize of $100,000 from the May 8 drawing remains unclaimed. This ticket was sold by the 7-Eleven #13473 located at 24111 Meadowbrook Rd. in Novi.

Fantasy 5 tickets and all other terminal-based tickets are valid one year from the draw date. If the prize goes unclaimed, the money will be deposited into the state School Aid Fund, which is the beneficiary of all Lottery profits. The winner must contact the Lottery’s Public Relations Division at (517) 373-1237 to set up an appointment to claim the prize. 

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