Fantasy 5 winner sworn to secrecy!

The 66-year-old Ford retiree was puzzled when her husband brought the Bible to her after Fantasy 5they returned home from dining out. “You have to swear on the Bible not to tell anyone,” he said. Although he wouldn’t tell her what the secret was, 26 years of marriage builds a lot of trust, so she put her hand on the Bible and was sworn to secrecy.

That’s when her husband dropped the bombshell, “You’ve won $157,971 on the Fantasy 5!” The lucky player had won the Fantasy 5 drawing of November 29.

 The player (who prefers to remain anonymous) was surprised to say the least. But she was even more astonished to learn that her husband had kept the secret since early morning, when he had checked their Lottery tickets and discovered the good news.

But this isn’t the first win for the consistent Lottery player. She won $20,000 from the Michigan Lottery a few years ago. “She has her own system for figuring out which numbers to play,” said her proud husband.

The winner plans to do some home remodeling, and treat herself to a couple of nice Christmas gifts. But she’ll save most of the money. “It is just such a good feeling to know you have that cushion,” she said.

The winning ticket was sold at Oak Park Fuel located at 10700 W. 9 Mile Rd. in Oak Park.

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