Michigan Lottery Introduces New Club Games In Bars and Restaurants Statewide! Club Keno and Pull Tabs Debut on October 27

Michigan Lottery Club Games LANSING, October 23, 2003 – What’s better than a night out with friends at your favorite bar or restaurant?  Playing the Michigan Lottery’s new Club Games while enjoying a night out with friends at your favorite bar or restaurant!

On October 27, 2003, tickets for the Lottery’s new Club Games – Club Keno and Pull Tabs – go on sale at bars and restaurants that have been licensed to sell these Lottery products.

Club Keno is a fun, fast, continuous action game with drawings every five minutes.  It is exciting and easy to play, offering a wide variety of cash prizes, with a top prize of $100,000 for a $1 wager!  Players can wager $1, $2, $3, $4, $5, $10 or $20 per drawing and tickets can be purchased for up to 20 drawings at a time.  Players win Club Keno by matching some or all of the numbers they have selected to the numbers drawn.  The more numbers matched, the more the player wins.

Club Keno The first Club Keno drawing will take place on October 27, 2003 at 6:05 a.m.  Club Keno drawings take place seven days a week, every five minutes, from 6:05 a.m. to 1:45 a.m.

“For the past 13 years the Lottery has offered a traditional Keno game in which drawings happen once each evening,” Lottery Commissioner Gary Peters said.  “The new Club Keno game is similar to the traditional Keno game in the way it is played, but with Club Keno the excitement has been turned up a few notches!  With Club Keno, drawings happen every five minutes and the game offers many more ways to win than the traditional Keno game.  I am confident that players are instantly going to love the Club Keno game!”

Every five minutes 20 numbers are randomly drawn and winning Club Keno numbers will be displayed in each Club Keno retailer via a closed-circuit television monitor.  If players miss the results of a drawing for which they have purchased a ticket, they can use an automatic ticket validator in the bar or restaurant to find out if they have a winning ticket.  Upon running the barcode on a Club Keno ticket through the ticket validator, the machine will tell players whether or not they have a winning ticket.

Pull Tabs In addition to Club Keno, licensed bars and restaurants will also sell Pull Tabs.  Pull Tabs are similar to the Lottery’s instant games, only you do not scratch them off to win.  Instead, you tear off a pull tab to reveal great cash prizes.  Pull Tabs come in different price points, ranging from 50-cents to $1.  Winners must cash in winning Pull Tab tickets within one-year from date of purchase and Pull Tabs must be cashed at the retail location where the ticket was purchased.

“I am very excited about both new games,” said Peters.  “Everyone involved in these new games will benefit.  Lottery players will have the opportunity to win lots of cash prizes, most of which they can collect instantly from the bar or restaurant where the ticket was purchased.  Lottery retailers will see increased sales at their establishments – boosting Michigan’s economy.  And, most important, Michigan’s schoolchildren will benefit from the extra $50 million these new games are expected to generate for the state School Aid Fund!”

Since it was created in 1972, the Michigan Lottery has returned over $11 billion to the state School Aid Fund which supports K-12 public education in the state of Michigan.

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