Robert Massie Jr. of Dafter Wins $35,000 Top Prize in Lottery's "Cashword" Instant Game!

LANSING, August 26, 2002 – Robert Massie Jr. of Dafter recently spelled his way to instant wealth with the Michigan Lottery’s "Cashword" instant game! Upon scratching off the ticket he revealed a $35,000 top prize.

The 42-year-old winner purchased the winning ticket at Lock City Party Store, 506 W. Spruce St., in Sault Ste. Marie.

"I was on a break at work when I scratched off the ticket," the winner said. "I must have looked at the ticket a million times to make sure I wasn’t just seeing things. I was completely shocked and surprised, but very happy to have won!"

Massie, who works at Super Flite, said he kept the ticket with him at all times to ensure its safety before turning it in at a Lottery bank claim center in northern Michigan.

The winner, who enjoys hunting and fishing in his free time, said he plans to use his winnings to purchase a new vehicle, pay bills and "have fun!"

The lucky man offered the following words of encouragement to other Lottery hopefuls: "Never give up and never say never! It is a cool feeling to win big with the Lottery!"

"Cashword" is just one of many Michigan Lottery instant tickets available at more than 9,000 Michigan Lottery retailers statewide.

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