Genesee County Is On A Lottery Winning Streak!

LANSING, March 20, 1998 – Five Genesee County residents have hit it big with the Michigan Lottery recently, winning top prizes up to $250,000! The winners include:

Dennis Wcisel of Flint won $100,000 in the Cash 5 game;
George W. Colston of Flint won $150,000 in The Big Game;
an anonymous Davison man won $100,000 in the Cash 5 game;
an anonymous Burton man won $100,000 in the Cash 5 game
an anonymous Davison man won $250,000 in the Keno game.

For Flint resident Dennis Wcisel, a $100,000 Cash 5 prize means a new car and a family vacation to Florida! Wcisel, 42, and his wife, Lynne, were shocked by the win.

"I watched the news and saw the drawing results," said Wcisel.  "I told my wife about it but she didn’t believe me at first.  We were both shocked."

Wcisel is employed at the Delphi East plant in Flint.  A regular Michigan Lottery player for 20 years, Wcisel selected his own Cash 5 number randomly.  Wcisel matched all five winning numbers – 17, 18, 19, 26 and 27 – in the February 20 Cash 5 drawing.

The winning Cash 5 ticket was purchased at Khouris Market, 3239 Davison Road, in Flint.

Also in Flint, George W. Colston matched the first five Big Game numbers drawn February 20 to win the $150,000 prize.  That day’s winning numbers were: 9, 11, 12, 17, 19, and the Big Money Ball number was 13.  The winning Big Game ticket was purchased at Candys Party Store, 4496 Beecher Road, in Flint.

A Davison man collected the $100,000 top prize in the February 2 Cash 5 drawing.  That day’s winning numbers were: 5, 15, 18, 26 and 33.

"I didn’t check the numbers for a couple of days," said the winner, who requested anonymity.  "When I did check the numbers, I then called the store to verify that they were the winning numbers.  I was shocked and didn’t believe it, but I was happy!"

A regular Michigan Lottery player for 25 years, the winner said he’ll use his Cash 5 winnings to pay bills.  The winning Cash 5 ticket was purchased at Nehrings Market Inc., 3517 S. Belsay Road, in Burton.

A retired Burton man matched all five numbers in the January 13 Cash 5 drawing –4, 15, 19, 27 and 37 – to win the $100,000 top prize.  A regular Michigan Lottery player for 20 years, the winner said he was "stunned" to learn he won.

"I saw the winning numbers on TV and called the store to check.  Then I even went to get a printout of the winning numbers," he said.  "I was stunned, happy and very surprised!"

The winner, who requested anonymity, said he would use his winnings to pay bills and travel to see his children and grandchildren.  The winning Cash 5 "easy pick" ticket was purchased at Tonys Market, 3386 Lippincott Blvd., in Burton.

A Davison pharmacist filled a prescription for good fortune after winning the $250,000 top prize in the January 13 Keno drawing!  He matched 10 of the 22 winning numbers – 10, 18, 24, 27, 28, 31, 42, 54, 63 and 76 – in that day’s Keno drawing.

The 48-year-old winner, who requested anonymity, is a pharmacist at Genesys Regional Medical Center.  He said he remained calm after winning but his wife "went a little crazy."

"I got the winning numbers report from a store and discovered later that evening that we won," he said.  "I was pretty calm but my wife went crazy.  She was screaming and hollering!"

A regular Michigan Lottery player, the winner said he and his wife would use their Keno winnings to buy new cars, make investments and plan for their children’s education.

The winning Keno "easy pick" ticket was purchased at 7-Eleven 020H, 130 Perry Road, in Grand Blanc.

Tickets for Cash 5, The Big Game and Keno are available at more than 6,500 Michigan Lottery retailers statewide.

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