Lucky 25 Club Of Mancelona Wins $150,000 Big Game Prize!

LANSING, October 29, 1997 – It took a little time to spread the good news to all 25 members of the Lucky 25 Club.  The Mancelona-based club was the latest to win a top Michigan Lottery prize!

The club had the only ticket sold in Michigan to match the first five numbers in the October 17 Big Game drawing, winning the $150,000 prize.  That day’s winning numbers were: 22, 34, 35, 37, 45, and the Big Money Ball number was 3.

"My husband found the winning numbers in the Traverse City Record-Eagle," said club representative Betty Riddle.  "Once we knew it was really a winner, we spent the day calling the rest of the club members – we talked to a lot of answering machines!"

Riddle said the members have played Michigan Lottery games as a club for about 10 months.  Some of the members work together and some are spouses of members.

Members’ plans for their winnings include paying bills, taking vacations and "having a happier Christmas!"

The winning Big Game "easy pick" ticket was purchased at Mancelona E-Z Mart, 608 S. Williams St., in Mancelona.

Members of the Lucky 25 Club include:

  • Nick Altrock of Mancelona

  • Harold Andersen of Mancelona

  • Virginia Andersen of Mancelona

  • Douglas W. Cary of Mancelona

  • Michael D. Cook of East Jordan

  • Gary Freeman of Gaylord

  • Margery L. Gruenberg of Central Lake

  • Ronald Kadlec of Bellaire

  • Sally Kadlec of Bellaire

  • Janice M. La Vanway of East Jordan

  • Kenneth L. La Vanway of East Jordan

  • Brian Malcolm of Mancelona

  • Francis Mills of East Jordan

  • M. Jane Pence of Kalkaska

  • Rebecca L. Peters of Kalkaska

  • Betty J. Riddle of Mancelona

  • Sidney W. Riddle of Mancelona

  • Robert Sakuta of Kalkaska

  • Phyllis Starkey of Mancelona

  • Lawrence E. Strine of Mancelona

  • Paula Strine of Mancelona

  • Ryan Watson of Mancelona

  • Joanne L. West of Mancelona

  • Barbara Wilks of Mancelona

  • Sherry Windish of Mancelona

The Big Game offers nine ways to win cash prizes.  Players pay $1 for each play, and choose five numbers from 1 to 50, as well as one additional number from 1 to 25.

Friday’s (October 31) Big Game drawing is estimated at $5 million.

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