Clinton County Man Wins $125,514 Monthly Jackpot Progressive Prize

Winner graphicA Clinton County man said winning a $125,514 Monthly Jackpot Progressive prize from the Michigan Lottery couldn’t have happened at a better time.

The lucky 49-year-old player, who chose to remain anonymous, won $125,514 after he was selected in a random drawing that took place Jan. 11. He earned entries into the giveaway by playing the Monthly Jackpot game online at

“I had been playing the Monthly Jackpot game quite a bit, and I knew there was a second chance associated with playing, but I wasn’t sure what the second chance prize was,” said the player. “I got an email and a call from the Lottery one day informing me I’d won the second chance jackpot, and I didn’t think it was real. It still feels surreal and hasn’t sunk in yet.

“I haven’t told my family that I won yet, so I plan to surprise them by showing them the check. This couldn’t have happened at a better time for our family!”

The player recently visited Lottery headquarters to claim the big prize. With his winnings, he plans to pay bills and take a vacation.

The Monthly Jackpot and Mystery Vault online instant games include a second chance progressive jackpot drawing. Part of every purchase of the Monthly Jackpot and Mystery Vault games funds one progressive jackpot prize which is awarded in a second chance drawing each month. Players earn one entry for every $0.50 wagered playing the Monthly Jackpot or Mystery Vault games. After the entry period has closed, a random drawing takes place with one jackpot winner being selected from all entries for that month.

Nine Monthly Jackpot Progressive prizes have been awarded since the game began in April:

  • April 2022 – $338,256 progressive jackpot prize
  • May 2022 – $178,116 progressive jackpot prize
  • June 2022 – $139,221 progressive jackpot prize
  • July 2022 – $121,668 progressive jackpot prize
  • August 2022 – $104,730 progressive jackpot prize
  • September 2022 – $99,821 progressive jackpot prize
  • October 2022 – $97,885 progressive jackpot prize
  • November 2022 – $110,689 progressive jackpot prize
  • December 2022 – $125,514 progressive jackpot prize

Entries are only valid for the entry period in which they were earned. Each month, a new drawing period begins, and the progressive jackpot is reset to $5,000. The next drawing will take place March 8.

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