Kalamazoo County Man Wins $121,668 Monthly Jackpot Progressive Prize from the Michigan Lottery

Jackpot graphicA Kalamazoo County man “about had a heart attack” when he won a $121,668 Monthly Jackpot progressive prize from the Michigan Lottery.

The lucky 50-year-old player, who chose to remain anonymous, won $121,668 after he was selected in a random drawing that took place earlier this month. He earned entries into the giveaway by playing the Monthly Jackpot game online at MichiganLottery.com.

“The Monthly Jackpot game looked fun, so I started playing it without even knowing it had a second chance component at first,” said the player. “My phone started ringing while I was at work one day and I saw from the caller ID that it was the Lottery. I knew I had to have won a prize, but I thought it was going to be a $5,000 prize from the monthly Spin to Win drawing.

“When I answered the phone and was told I’d won a $121,668 Monthly Jackpot prize, I about had a heart attack! It has been such a cool and exciting experience.”

The player recently visited Lottery headquarters to claim the big prize. With his winnings, he plans to pay bills and then save the remainder.

Monthly Jackpot is an online instant game that includes a second chance progressive jackpot drawing. Part of every purchase of the Monthly Jackpot game funds a progressive jackpot prize which is awarded in a second chance drawing each month. Players earn one entry for every $0.50 wagered playing the Monthly Jackpot game.

After the entry period has closed, a random drawing takes place with one jackpot winner being selected from all entries for that month. Entries are only valid for the entry period in which they were earned. Each month, a new drawing period begins, and the progressive jackpot is reset to $5,000. The next drawing will take place September 7.

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