Detroit Woman Wins Two $110,000 Fantasy 5 Double Play Prizes from the Michigan Lottery

Winning TicketPlaying it safe paid off for a Detroit woman who won two $110,000 Fantasy 5 Double Play prizes from the Michigan Lottery.

The lucky player, who chose to remain anonymous, matched the Fantasy 5 numbers in the Feb. 26 Double Play drawing to win the big prizes: 10-17-19-25-26. She bought her winning tickets at the Mobil gas station, located at 10000 Ford Road in Dearborn.

“I purchase a Fantasy 5 ticket every week for six drawings, and I always add the Double Play option,” said the player. “I was out running errands and couldn’t remember if I had any drawings left on my ticket at home, so I decided to purchase another one to be safe.

“After the drawing, I checked the ticket I had purchased that day and saw I’d matched all the numbers. That’s when I remembered the other ticket, so I checked it to see if it covered the drawing that night. When I saw it did and I had won on both I couldn’t believe it. At first, I thought I had split the jackpot with myself until I realized I’d won $110,000 on each. I was so excited I couldn’t sit down the rest of the night!”

Second Winning TicketPlayers may add the Double Play option to their Fantasy 5 ticket for an additional $1 per play. Double Play non-jackpot prizes are doubled. The top Double Play prize for Fantasy 5 is $110,000. Top prizes are awarded to each player who matches all five Double Play numbers. Players may win prizes in the regular nightly drawing, the Double Play drawing, or both.

The 67-year-old player recently visited Lottery headquarters to claim the big prize. She plans to save her winnings.

Each Fantasy 5 play is only $1. For an additional $1 per play, EZmatch may be added to a Fantasy 5 ticket, giving players a chance to win up to $500 instantly. For an additional $1 per play, Double Play may be added to a Fantasy 5 ticket, giving players a second chance to win up to $110,000 in the nightly Double Play drawing. Fantasy 5 players select five numbers from one to 39. Players who match all five Fantasy 5 numbers drawn win a jackpot that starts at $100,000. Fantasy 5 drawings are held seven days a week at 7:29 p.m.

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