Wayne County Man Wins $500,000 Playing the Michigan Lottery’s Blizzard Bucks Instant Game

Winning TicketA Wayne County man feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders after winning $500,000 playing the Michigan Lottery’s Blizzard Bucks instant game.

The lucky player, who chose to remain anonymous, bought his winning ticket at the Mobil gas station, located at 19901 Masonic Boulevard in Roseville. Roseville is about 20 miles Northeast of Detroit.

“I went to the store and purchased several different Lottery tickets,” said the 56-year-old player. “When I got home, I started scratching them off. I won $500 on one and then started scratching the Blizzard Bucks ticket next. I saw the $500,000 prize right away and didn’t believe what I was seeing, so I set it aside for a few hours.

“Later that night, I had my friend look it over and she couldn’t believe what she was seeing either. After a sleepless night, I took the ticket to a retailer early the next morning. When I got the message to file a claim, I knew it was real!”

The player visited Lottery headquarters recently to claim his prize. With his winnings, he plans to pay bills and then save the remainder.

“Winning is life-changing. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders knowing I can pay all my bills and still have a large amount of money to put in the bank as a financial cushion,” the player said.

Players have won more than $7 million playing Blizzard Bucks which launched in December. Each $5 ticket offers players a chance to win prizes ranging from $5 up to $500,000. More than $7 million in prizes remain, including one $500,000 top prize and three $2,000 prizes.

Lottery instant games may be purchased at any of the10,500 retailers across the state.

In 2021, Lottery players won more than $1.8 billion playing instant games.

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