Michigan Lottery Raises Record-Breaking $1.07 Billion for Michigan Schools in 2019

The Michigan Lottery raised more than $1.07 billion for Michigan schools in fiscal year 2019, an increase of nearly $129 million over the prior year’s contribution. This marks the largest one-year increase in the Lottery’s 47-year history and the first time the Lottery has reached the $1 billion milestone in support for public education in a single year.

FY 2019 also was the Lottery’s fifth straight record-setting year for school contributions, an increase of about $327 million, or 44%, since fiscal year 2014, before the streak began.  School contributions over the prior five years were:

  • FY18: $941.3 million
  • FY17: $924.1 million
  • FY16: $888.9 million
  • FY15: $795.5 million
  • FY14: $742.9 million

Since 1972, the Lottery has generated more than $23.4 billion for public education in Michigan.

“This vital funding for our schools would not be possible without the support of our players and retailers, which we greatly appreciate,” said Commissioner Brian O. Neill. “Every Lottery purchase helps raise revenue for schools in our state.”

The Lottery set several other significant records in fiscal year 2019, including nearly $3.9 billion in sales; more than $2.3 billion in prizes to players; and more than $287 million in commissions to Lottery retailers, many of which are small, family-owned businesses across the state. “Our 2019 performance reflects the incredible work done by the retailers, vendors, and the exceptionally dedicated teams that make this organization a success,” said Neill.

The Lottery is also proud of its commitment to promoting responsible gaming. Michigan was the first state lottery to receive certification of its online program through the National Council on Problem Gambling and also has attained Responsible Gaming Verification through the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries. Responsible gaming information and resources are available on the Lottery’s website at: http://www.michiganlottery.com/responsible-gaming.

For each dollar spent on a Michigan Lottery ticket in fiscal year 2019, approximately:

  • 61 cents went to players as prizes
  • 27 cents went to the School Aid Fund to support public education
  • 9 cents went to commissions for retailers and vendors
  • 3 cents funded the Lottery’s operations and administrative costs

Under state law, all profits from the Lottery go to the School Aid Fund.

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