Super Raffle Game to Make Millionaires Out of Three Michigan Lottery Players

The odds of being struck by lightning during a shark attack while a meteor closes in on you? Astronomical. The odds of winning $4 million – or one of two $2 million prizes – playing the Michigan Lottery’s Super Raffle game: Just 1-in-100,000.

The new Super Raffle game features the best odds to win millions of any Michigan Lottery game ever offered. With sales limited to 300,000 tickets, players have a better shot to win millions than:

  • Being struck by lightning: 1-in-1.2 million
  • Filling out a perfect NCAA Basketball Tournament bracket: 1-in-1.9 million
  • Being attacked by a shark: 1-in-11.5 million
  • Being hit by a meteor: 1-in-1.6 million
  • Being dealt a royal flush on the opening hand of a poker game: 1-in-650,000

In addition to the $4 million prize and two $2 million prizes, other Super Raffle prizes are: $100,000 (10), $500 (3,300), and $100 (12,000). The Super Raffle drawing will take place on or after Sept. 19.

Super Raffle is the 26th raffle-themed game offered by the Lottery. Prizes on previous raffle games ranged from $40,000 tax free to nearly $2.5 million.

Super Raffle are $50 each and tickets may be purchased at the Lottery’s 11,000 retailers across the state.

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