Saginaw County Man Wins $2 Million Playing Michigan Lottery’s $2,000,000 Bonus Instant Game

A Saginaw County man turned the worst day of his life into the best day of his life after winning $2 million playing the Michigan Lottery’s $2,000,000 Bonus instant game.

“I was having the absolute worst day of my life,” said the 49-year-old player, who chose to remain anonymous. “I was stressed from work and it seemed like everything that could go wrong was going wrong.

“I stopped to buy a soda and had a winning $10 ticket to turn in. I put another $10 with it and told the clerk to pick out a $20 ticket for me.”

The clerk at the Marathon gas station, located at 12018 Liberty Street in Clio, grabbed a $20 $2,000,000 Bonus instant game ticket and handed it to the player.

“I scratched the ticket in the store and I was in shock when I saw I had won $2 million,” said the player. “I waited for everyone to leave the store and went back to the clerk and asked her to scan my ticket. She looked it over and hit the floor when she saw I won $2 million.”

The player visited Lottery headquarters Tuesday to claim the big prize. He chose to receive his prize as a one-time lump sum payment of about $1.3 million rather than an annuity. With his winnings, he plans to buy a new truck and then invest the remainder.

“Winning the Lottery feels great. My wife and I have always found a way to make ends meet, but it hasn’t always been easy, so winning is a huge relief,” the winner said.

Players have won more than $59.4 million playing $2,000,000 Bonus, which launched in May 2016. Each $20 ticket offers players a chance to win prizes ranging from $20 up to $2 million. More than $9.3 million in prizes remain, including one $2 million top prize, nine $5,000 prizes, and 55 $1,000 prizes.

Lottery instant games may be purchased at 11,000 retailers across the state.

In 2016, Lottery players won nearly $817 million playing instant games.

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