Players Club Members Have a Less Than a Week to Enter Michigan Lottery’s $1,000,000 Play it Again Drawing

Play it AgainMembers of the Michigan Lottery’s Players Club have less than a week to enter the Lottery’s $1,000,000 Play it Again drawing. The deadline for entries is 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday.

Three players will be selected in an Aug. 5 drawing for a chance to win $1 million.

Players Club members may use points they have accumulated to enter the $1,000,000 Play It Again drawing. Players earn points by entering non-winning ticket codes, playing the Lottery’s online games, and participating in surveys about the Lottery.

Each entry for the $1,000,000 Play it Again drawing takes only 10 Players Club points. There is no limit on the number of entries that a Players Club member may have in the drawing.

Beginning in August, the new $500-A-Day-Giveaway replaces the Lottery’s $1,000,000 Play It Again giveaway. The $500-A-Day-Giveaway will offer Players Club members the chance to redeem points for entries into a daily drawing for $500.

The Players Club is a free program that gives Lottery players the chance to accumulate points by entering codes from non-winning instant, pull tab, draw game tickets, and through online game play. Points may be redeemed for entries into drawings for prizes and once-in-a-lifetime experiences or for merchandise, including Lottery free-play coupons.

Players may join the Players Club by visiting:

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