Lansing Man Wins $4 Million Playing Michigan Lottery’s World Class Millions Instant Game

12.07.15 IG #731 World Class Millions $4,000,000 ($2,538,105 Lump Sum) Anonymous Ingham CountyA Lansing man and his family are gearing up for a very merry Christmas after the man won $4 million playing the Michigan Lottery’s World Class Millions instant game.

The player, who chose to remain anonymous, bought his winning World Class Millions ticket at the Waverly EZ Mart, located at 1700 South Waverly Road in Lansing.

“When I play the Lottery, I usually try to go to different stores,” said the player. “I just had a feeling about the store when I walked inside that it was a lucky spot and it turns out I was right.”

It took a few minutes for the player to realize he had actually won $4 million.

“You just never expect that you’re going to be the one who wins millions playing the Lottery,” said the player. “I checked the ticket over and over and over again before I could believe what I was seeing.”

The player visited Lottery headquarters on Monday to collect the big prize. He chose to take his prize as a one-time lump sum cash payment of about $2.5 million rather than an annuity.

Other than paying off his debt, the player did not have any immediate plans for his winnings. He did share that he will continue playing the Lottery.

“I’d love to win a huge Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot, and if you don’t play you can’t win,” the player said.

Players have won nearly $44.9 million playing World Class Millions, which launched in May. Each $30 ticket offers players a chance to win prizes ranging from $30 up to $4 million. More than $69.6 million in prizes remain, including one $4 million prize, 125 $4,000 prizes, and 1,778 $1,000 prizes.

Lottery instant games may be purchased at 11,000 retailers across the state.

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