Washtenaw County Man Wins $500,000 Playing Michigan Lottery’s Win Big Instant Game

Bob Amidon (left) and his brother, Ron, pose for a photo after Bob collected his $500,000 prize.

Bob Amidon (left) and his brother, Ron, pose for a photo after Bob collected his $500,000 prize.

A Washtenaw County man played the Michigan Lottery’s Win Big game and that’s exactly what he did, winning $500,000.

Bob Amidon, of Ann Arbor, bought his winning ticket at the A & L Wine Castle, located at 2424 West Stadium Boulevard in Ann Arbor.

“I went out Saturday to get some tickets and saw the Win Big game,” said Amidon. “I had never played it before, so I bought some tickets and returned home.”

That evening, Amidon scratched some of the tickets he bought, but saved some for Sunday, too.

“I won the $500,000 prize on the very last ticket I scratched on Sunday,” Amidon said. “As I scratched the ticket off and saw the prize I thought I was hallucinating! I guess I was just saving the best for last.”

He signed the winning ticket right away and called his brother to tell him the good news.

Bob Amidon's winning Big Win ticket.

Bob Amidon’s winning Big Win ticket.

“I think I woke my brother up when I called,” said Amidon. “At first, he thought I was joking with him, but after a little convincing he knew I was serious. I also called my mother and sister, and a close friend of mine. Until now, they were the only people I had told.”

The 65 year-old Amidon is planning to take a couple of trips to enjoy his big win. He is hoping to visit Las Vegas and New York City in the coming months.

“I always thought I’d win the Lottery,” Amidon said Monday as he collected his big prize. “I never thought it would be a huge win like this, but I’ll take!”

Players have won more than $5.3 million playing Win Big, which launched in July. Each $5 ticket offers players a chance to win prizes ranging from $5 up to $500,000. More than $16.4 million in prizes remain, including two one $500,000 prize, and 173 $1,000 prizes.

Lottery instant games may be purchased at 11,000 retailers across the state.

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