New 100X The Cash Instant Game Gives Players a Chance at $2 Million Top Prize

100X The CashMichigan Lottery players will have a new way to win millions beginning Tuesday, when the new 100X The Cash instant game goes on sale.

For just $20 each, the 100X The Cash instant game gives players 25 chances to win on each ticket, and features three top prizes of $2 million. In total, the game offers more than $100 million in prizes, including more than 6,000 prizes ranging from $500 up to $2 million. Players who win the game’s top prize may choose to receive their prize in annual payments for 30 years, or as a one-time lump sum cash payment of about $1.3 million.

The 100X The Cash game is the fifth in the popular “X The Cash” game family that launched in January. Other games are: 5X The Cash ($1), 10X The Cash ($2), 20X The Cash ($5), and 50X The Cash ($10).

Lottery instant games are available at retailers across the state.

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