Celebrate Your World Class Dad this Father’s Day with Tickets from the Michigan Lottery

Be a hero this Father’s Day and get your dad what he really wants: a chance to win cold, hard cash from the Michigan Lottery!

Whose father hasn’t slipped them a little cash from time-to-time? The Lottery has plenty of exciting games that could pay dad back, and then some.

Let dad know where he ranks with a World Class Millions ticket. Each $30 ticket gives dad the chance to win up to $4 million! More than $102 million in total prizes remain, including: three $4 million prizes, 170 $4,000 prizes, and 2,411 $1,000 prizes.

Or you can show dad how long you’ll remember him with a Cash For Life ticket! The Cash For Life instant games are: $500 A Week For Life ($1 per ticket), $1,000 A Week For Life ($2 per ticket), $2,500 A Week For Life ($5 per ticket), and $5,000 A Week For Life ($10 per ticket). All told, more than $146 million in prizes remain for the four Cash For Life games, including top prizes for each game.

The Lottery’s draw games also offer a variety of gift options for Father’s Day. Consider buying a Daily 4 ticket and selecting your birth year as the lucky number!  If huge jackpots get dad’s attention, a Lotto 47, Mega Millions or Powerball ticket would be on target.

Lottery tickets may be purchased at 11,000 retailers across the state.

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