New World Class Millions Instant Game Offers Players $4 Million Top Prizes

World Class Millions TicketStarting Tuesday, Michigan Lottery players will have another chance to win up to $4 million instantly thanks to the new World Class Millions instant game.

The Lottery’s newest $30 instant game, World Class Millions, gives players more than 30 opportunities to win on each ticket. It also features three top prizes of $4 million, matching the largest prizes offered on a Lottery instant game. In total, the game offers more than $40 million in prizes ranging from $100 up to $4 million.

World Class Millions is the third $30 instant game offered by the Lottery. Most recently, $100,000,000 Diamonds was introduced in September 2014 and is a popular game among players. With all four of the game’s $4 million top prizes, 267 $4,000 prizes, and 5,912 $1,000 prizes remaining, $100,000,000 Diamonds continues to be a favorite with players.

Both World Class Millions and $100,000,000 Diamonds may be purchased at Lottery retailers across the state.

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