Allegan County Woman Becomes First $1 Million Winner Playing Michigan Lottery Games Online

Pam Rawson made Michigan Lottery history becoming the first online game $1 million winner.

Pam Rawson made Michigan Lottery history becoming the first online game $1 million winner.

An Allegan County woman became the first $1 million winner playing the Michigan Lottery’s online games.

Pam Rawson, of Grand Junction, made history while playing Diamond Payout online on Feb. 18. She visited Lottery headquarters this week to collect her prize.

“When I started playing I had $15 in my online Lottery account and won $150,” said Rawson. “That’s when I decided to give Diamond Payout a try. On my second $20 ticket, I won $1 million and I was flabbergasted.”

Rawson didn’t believe what she was seeing and showed her son the ticket on her iPad.

“My son and I couldn’t believe what we saw on the screen, we were in shock,” said Rawson. “I checked my email and had a confirmation from the Lottery that I had won with instructions to call and make an appointment to collect my $1 million prize. That’s when it started to sink in that I had really won.”

For Rawson, who works as an instructional aide at a local elementary school, winning $1 million couldn’t have come at a better time. She recently won a cruise, but had to decline the trip to have a medical procedure done and was left with medical bills to pay.

With her windfall, Rawson is considering buying a new home, paying off some bills, taking a vacation, and investing the remainder for retirement for her and her husband, Albert.

02.23.15 Diamond Payout Online $1 Million Pam Rawson Grand Junction

Pam Rawson’s $1 million Diamond Payout ticket.

“Albert and I are blessed to have won $1 million, but plan to continue living our lives and serving our community the way we always have,” said Rawson. “This will just make us a little more comfortable.”

Rawson always has enjoyed playing the Lottery’s instant games and began playing online games shortly after they were launched last year. She still enjoys buying instant game tickets at her local retailer and buys the Online Game Card as well.

“The Online Game Card makes playing online games convenient. The $5 bonus I get for each card is very appealing to me and is the only way I play online,” said Rawson.

Michigan Lottery players have a chance to win up to $1 million instantly playing online. The Lottery offers players 15 different games ranging in price from 25 cents to $20. Players may purchase an Online Game Card at Lottery retailers across the state for $20. Each Online Game Card includes $5 in free bonus play when redeemed online. For more information or to play online, visit

You can watch a video of Rawson playing Diamond Payout, here:

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