Michigan Lottery’s Poker Lotto Game Celebrates One Year of Dealing Cash to Players

Michigan Lottery Poker LottoPoker Lotto hits the one-year mark on Sunday of dealing excitement and cash to players, who’ve won more than $24.6 million playing the popular Michigan Lottery game.

Poker Lotto offers two chances to win big cash prizes. Each $2 ticket gives players a crack at winning up to $5,000 instantly and then up to $100,000 in the nightly drawing.

In only a year, Poker Lotto is becoming known for its fast-paced fun and big prizes with 33 players winning $5,000 after being electronically dealt a royal flush.  Another 11 players hit the top prize of $100,000 in the nightly drawing.

Poker Lotto offers players two great games in every hand: a chance to win instantly right in the store and walk out with a cash prize range from $2 to $500; plus a nightly lotto drawing with prizes ranging from $3 to the grand prize of $100,000! Players should keep in mind that the nightly drawing is an entirely separate game from the instant-win game played when they purchase a ticket. Winning the instant-win game is based on whether they are dealt a winning poker hand. The nightly drawing is exclusively a matching game. Cards from the nightly drawing are not used to form a winning poker hand. To win a prize in the nightly drawing, a player must match two or more cards with the cards drawn.

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