There’s still time to get tickets for the Michigan Lottery’s $40,000 Tax Free Raffle Drawing on Tuesday!

MSL's $40,000 Tax-Free RaffleThere’s still time to get tickets for the Michigan Lottery’s $40,000 Tax Free Raffle drawing on Tuesday!

Raffle tickets are available for purchase through Monday.

The Michigan Lottery’s $40,000 Tax Free Raffle currently guarantees ten top prizes. Another top prize is within reach as ticket sales are quickly closing in on 330,000!

The $10 raffle offers the best overall odds of any Michigan Lottery raffle to date: 1 in 6 tickets will win a prize! There will be one $40,000 prize (after taxes) for every 30,000 tickets sold. There will be 17 prizes of $100, 616 prizes of $50, and 1,033 prizes of $15 for every 10,000 tickets sold.

Only a few days left before the April 15 drawing. Tickets for the $40,000 Tax Free raffle game are available at Michigan Lottery retailers. Tickets are sold through Lottery terminals similar to Powerball and Mega Millions games. Each raffle ticket bears a unique seven-digit raffle number. Raffle players must keep their tickets until the April 15 drawing to check them against the winning raffle numbers and to claim a prize.

As ticket sales continue, updates about additional prizes that may be added are available at or on the Lottery’s social media sites, including its blog, Facebook, and Twitter pages. All information on the $40,000 Tax Free Raffle is updated hourly!

The drawing results will be made available at by close of business on Tax Day, April 15. In addition, players may take their raffle tickets to any Michigan Lottery retailer after 5 p.m. on April 15, to see if they have a winner.

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