Create Some Valentine’s Day Excitement With Michigan Lottery Instant Tickets

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Flowers and candy are dandy, but Michigan Lottery instant tickets can add some excitement – and serious cash – to any Valentine’s Day celebration.

Show that special someone that they rule your heart with a $10 Royal Riches ticket and give them a chance to win up to $500,000. Add a $5 Crown Jewel 7s ticket, which offers a top prize of $300,000, to make the coronation official. Or let them know they have your complete attention and affection with a $5 Monopoly Jackpot ticket that has a top prize of $300,000.

Give that significant other a chance to enjoy Life in the Cash Lane, a $10 ticket with top prizes of $500,000.  Meet that jewelry expectation with a $20 Diamond Payout ticket that features top prizes of $1 million or a $5 Diamond Wild Time ticket with top prizes of $300,000.

Invite them to join you for a $50,000,000 Celebration, a $20 ticket with top prizes of $1 million or some Hot Millions action, a $20 ticket that offers top prizes of $1 million.

To spice up Valentine’s Day with instant tickets, just visit any of the 11,000 Michigan Lottery retailers. To locate a retailer, visit and click on the “Retailer Finder” at the top of the home page.

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