More Than $80 Million in Prizes Available for Players in Michigan Lottery’s First $30 Instant Game: $2,000,000 Cash

The Michigan Lottery is launching its first $30 instant game, which has top prizes of $2MSL IG 683 $2 million Cash million and more than $80 million in total prizes available for players.

Tickets for the $2,000,000 Cash game go on sale Tuesday at Lottery retailers across the state.  Each ticket will offer players 30 chances to win.

The introduction of the $2,000,000 Cash game reflects strong player interest in $10 and $20 instant game tickets, such as the Hot Millions and Diamond Payout games now available at retailers. Both of those games offer top prizes of $1 million.

The Lottery introduced $20 instant games in 2001 and player interest in those games has been growing for more than a decade, said Glenn Strong, the Lottery’s instant games product manager.

“We’ve seen that players are attracted to the $10 and $20 instant games because they offer the best overall odds, large top prizes and multiple chances to win. This new $30 instant game was strongly endorsed by participants in our focus groups,” Strong said. 

“This game gives players a chance to win $2 million, which would be a great return for a $30 play. Players also have a 1-in-25 chance of winning $200 and we expect that to add to the excitement for players and boost their interest in the $2,000,000 Cash game.”

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