$100,000 Cashword top prize claimed by visiting Georgia man!

1.2.14 IG# 620 $100k James Miller Guyton Georgia

James G. Miller of Guyton, Georgia claiming $100,000 from the Michigan Lottery’s $100,000 Cashword Instant game. (Photo courtesy of the Michigan Lottery.)

James G. Miller, a resident of Guyton, Georgia, instantly won $100,000 when he revealed ten words playing the Michigan Lottery’s “$100,000 Cashword” instant game.

Miller is in Michigan visiting his family for the holidays; he told Lottery staff, “I’ve been watching my brothers scratch those tickets off all week and I decided I’m going to go get one for myself.” So the next chance he got, he visited Northshore E-Z Mart located at 1385 Holton Rd., in North Muskegon, and purchased just one $100,000 Cashword instant ticket. The investment he made to purchase that $3 Lottery ticket made this Michigan native $100,000 richer.

Winning $100,000 is “life-changing,” according to Miller, who will return to Georgia debt-free as a result of his lucky ticket purchase.

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