Both $1 million Powerball prizes claimed!

Michigan Lottery PowerballTwo Michigan Lottery Powerball tickets each with a $1 million prize have been claimed!

Two tickets matched the first five numbers in the August 3 drawing to win $1 million each! The winning numbers were 21-24-36-42-45 and the Powerball 15. The two lucky tickets were sold at the following Michigan Lottery retailers:

      • CVS Pharmacy 08042 located at 10915 Belleville in Belleville
      • Union Market located at 15940 US Highway 12 in Union

Just three days after the drawing, the first $1 million ticket was claimed by the CKL Lottery Club made up of three very happy Michigan Lottery players from Belleville. Then on August 7, Michigan Lottery staff issued another $1 million check paid to the order of Phil McMartin of Jones.

Both of these winning tickets had the numbers chosen using the Easy Pick option and both tickets contained just a single $2 wager.

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