Week 3: TimothyB claims victory again!

MSL IG# 657-Skee BallToday marks week three of the 2nd Chance Interactive Skee-Ball Challenge; this week’s winner claims victory with an amazing one-game score of 2520!

Timothy Blair of Durand has done it again! Still using the screen name of TimothyB, he landed on the top of the Leaderboard with 310 points more than he scored with his win at week one of the Skee-Ball Challenge, however, his score was only 10 points more than BrianK had last week to claim victory! TimothyB will receive $100 worth of Michigan Lottery Instant tickets for being the Leader of the Pack once again!

To get in on the fun, keep your non-winning $2 Skee-Ball Instant tickets and through August 15 your Fantasy 5 tickets and visit www.skeeballchallenge.com!  There are still twenty-three opportunities for you to be a winner, but you can’t win if you don’t play!

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