Start off July with a new instant game!

The Michigan Lottery is launching a new instant ticket with a twist on the classic game Skee Ball that will have winners scoring more than arcade tickets!

Skee Ball, the new $2 Instant ticket available July 2, offers the chance to win up to $30,000 in cash. There is also the opportunity to win big by participating in the Skee BallSkee Ball Challenge. Players can enter the codes from their non-winning Skee Ball tickets at for a chance to win free Instant tickets.

Draw game players can also participate in the Skee Ball Challenge. During the promotion, which runs from July 2 to December 30.

The Skee Ball Challenge:
Player’s with non-winning Skee Ball tickets can submit the entry code from their ticket and play the interactive game depicting the arcade classic. Players will be given 10 balls in three different colors: grey, red and blue, and will use the mouse on the computer to aim for the targets. If the player scores with the grey ball, he or she scores the number of points indicated. If the red ball is rolled and scores, those points will be doubled. The blue ball will quadruple the points indicated by the target. If the player manages to roll the ball into a glowing yellow target, an additional ball is awarded.

Each week the player on top of the leaderboard will be awarded $100 worth of instant tickets!

Also, Fantasy 5 players can get in the game as well. Any wager purchased between July 2 and 29 is eligible to play the Skee Ball Challenge game. Players need only submit the entry code found on their wager to play for a chance to be the top player on the leaderboard and take home $100 worth of Instant tickets.

Full instructions on how to play the Skee Ball Challenge can be found at

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