U.P. winner takes home $500,000!

3 13.13 $500,000 MM Instant Kaleena LaBine Marquette

Kaleena LaBine of Marquette claiming $500,000 from Michigan Lottery Instant ticket $500,000 Money Maker™ (IG #629).  Featured in photo with winner in center holding check, from left to right are; her mother Dayle, fiancé Anthony, friend Jessica and her sister Kyla. (Photo Courtesy of the Michigan Lottery.)

MSL $500K Money Maker IG# 629Kaleena LaBine of Marquette drove over 400 miles with family and friends to Lottery Headquarters in Lansing on March 13 to claim her $500,000 prize.

LaBine 24,  purchased her winning $500,000 Money Maker™ Instant ticket from the Quik Food Mart #6 located at 338 W. Washington St. in Marquette.

LaBine originally thought that the ticket was a $5000 winner and was ecstatic over the windfall. However, after showing it to her fiancée, he quickly corrected her, “You didn’t win five grand, you won $500,000!”

With a June wedding already planned, LaBine now intends on taking an “awesome honeymoon!” Other top priorities for her new found wealth include buying a new car, paying off student loans and putting the rest away for the future.

The Upper Peninsula has been a hot spot for Michigan Lottery winners!  In late February, the winning Mega Millions ticket from February 5 drawing, with a jackpot of $19 million, was claimed by Judy Juntunen of Atlantic Mine.

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