She won in 2012, but didn’t know it!

Mary Panick of Gibraltar didn’t remember that she had bought three Mega Millions Lottery tickets until a couple of weeks ago; she only plays the Lottery every now and then. However, in December 2012 the Mega Millions jackpot became so enticing that she couldn’t resist purchasing some tickets.Mega Millions

A couple of weeks ago she found them and took them with her when she went to buy groceries.  The first ticket wasn’t a winner; the second ticket won $4; but the third ticket was the charm! “The machine wouldn’t take the ticket,” said the lucky winner. “It said I had to file a claim with the Lottery.” The retail clerk, an acquaintance of Panick, came from behind the counter to say quietly in her ear, “Mary, you’ve won $250,000!

Contrary to her name, she didn’t panic. She shopped for groceries and spoke with people  throughout the store; the store she had retired from in October 2012. “But,” she says, making a zipper motion across her mouth, “I didn’t tell anyone.”  At home later, she phoned her son to tell him the good news, “He thought I was kidding,” said Panick.

The Gibraltar woman says she plans to use some of her winnings to help her family, and maybe take a trip to Ireland to see the pen pal she has been writing to for 60 years.

The winning ticket was sold at Rich Oil #8762 located at 29140 N. Gibraltar Rd. in Gibraltar.

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