Bringing home the “Big Check”

2.12.13 F5 $105K David Croswell Macomb

David Croswell of Macomb claims $105,000 from the 2/12/13 Fantasy 5 drawing.
(Photo Courtesy of the Michigan Lottery.)

Fantasy 5“My family gives me a hard time every day when I stop at the store and buy my Lottery tickets. They tell me I’m never going to win,” loyal Michigan Lottery player David Croswell of Macomb shared with Lottery staff during his recent winner appointment.

Croswell is bringing home the “Big Check” in the amount of $105,000 from the February 12 Fantasy 5 drawing. That is real proof that Croswell’s daily Lottery purchases are well worth it! 

This lucky Macomb resident intends on using winnings to pay off bills and is buying himself a new truck. Croswell was planning on making the vehicle purchase prior to the win, out of sheer necessity, but now will be able to load it up with a few bells and whistles.

Croswell bought his winning Fantasy 5 ticket, along with his daily newspaper at the Kroger Fuel Station #684 located at 21441 21 Mile in Macomb. 

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