Over 40,000 reasons to look forward to Tax Day!

MSL's $40,000 Tax-Free RaffleThe Michigan Lottery is launching the all-new $40,000 Tax-Free Raffle on February 11!

The $10 tickets will be available for purchase through mid-April and top-prize winners will walk away with $40,000 – tax free!  And this raffle has the best overall odds of any raffle to date—1 in 6!

On April 15, “Tax Day”, the winning numbers will be drawn. For every 30,000 raffle tickets sold, 5,001 prizes will be awarded: one $40,000 top prize, 50 prizes of $100, 1,850 prizes of $50, and 3,100 prizes of $15.

Raffle tickets will be available at all Michigan Lottery retailers.

Remember, time is limited to purchase tickets so act fast in order to be part of the raffle action!

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