Fantasy 5 makes winner debt free!

Fantasy 5“You need to contact the Lottery office about this ticket,” is what a Michigan Lottery retailer told Janice Dangin, as he was running a small pile of her draw tickets through his terminal. Not knowing exactly what that might entail, Dangin put the ticket in her purse along with the slip he gave her and left the store.

After returning home, she checked the ticket on Could it really be true? The ticket she was holding contained all five numbers for the January 10 Fantasy 5 draw. Dangin needed a second opinion to ensure that her eyes were not deceiving her.  She called to her boyfriend to come check it out. It didn’t take him long to confirm that he too could see the ticket was a $105,000 winner.

Dangin said, “This prize will allow me to be debt-free.” This Fraser resident intends on paying off her bills, saving for her retirement and of course will continue playing the Michigan Lottery!

Meijer #145 Gas Station located at 34835 Utica Rd. in Fraser sold this winning Fantasy 5 ticket.

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