Detroit player wins $163,092!

A retired Detroit senior hit on the right combination of family birth dates to win $163,092 in the Fantasy 5 drawing on January 15th.

The lucky player, who prefers to remain anonymous, learned he was a winner while watching Wheel of Fortune with his Fantasy 5son-in-law. He immediately recognized a few of his numbers, but depended on the younger man’s sharper vision to confirm for him that he had matched all five of the winning numbers.

He hasn’t yet made plans for the money. He’s mulling over giving monetary gifts to his five children. But one thing he definitely knows for sure; “Winning is good!” he said. “Now I’m going to go play some more!”

The winning ticket was sold at Fiz N Pour Market, Inc. located at 26411 W. 8 Mile Rd. in Redford.

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