12-12-12 lucky day for 21-year-old!

How would it feel to be 21 and win more than $84,000?Fantasy 5

A young man in Milford knows! However, the Fantasy 5 player, who split the $168,348 jackpot with another winner, wishes to remain anonymous.

When the lucky player collected his winnings, a total prize of $84,174 before taxes, he looked a little dazed, as if he couldn’t quite believe his good fortune. His father wondered out loud if the date of his win (12-12-12) could account for his good  luck.

The young player didn’t have any favorite numbers. He went with the Easy Pick option. The player, with his father at his side, found out that he had hit the jackpot when he checked his numbers on his computer. When asked if there was any yelling or screaming when they saw the winning numbers, the player grinned and said “there definitely was.”

The Milford resident said he intends to use the windfall to finance some of his education and pay off his car note.  However, his dad chimed in, “I’ll bet there will be a dirt bike in there too!”

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